My rich and wide professional pathway led me through 20 years of experience in various industries and functions (project management, audit, international development, HR, …). Building on this experience, I have decided to set up my own advisory, transitional management and coaching company.

Today my objective is to offer the diversity of my profile and my experiences, my creativity, my positive attitude, my efficiency and my adaptability to companies, like SMEs, looking for a pragmatic and cost-efficient solution. Turaco solutions are designed to be easily implemented and lead client to self-management.

The Turaco approach is definitely practical and hands-on offering an external viewpoint and tailor-made accompanying from within the client teams and cultures. The idea is to provide different perspectives, with an “out of the box” work spirit.

My certifications in Process Communication and Co-active Coaching have both strengthened my ability to rapidly address business problems and challenges faced by various industries, as well as to establish a climate of trust with the various stakeholders. Trained in managerial agility and collective intelligence, I can accompany teams in their daily decision-making and change management.

  • AcCOmpagnement
  • COaching
  • COnfiance
  • COnformité

Mes services se concentrent sur


  • Business engineer – HEC Liège (Belgium)
  • Certification in Process Communication obtained at Kahler Communication Europe
  • Lean, Kaizen and management agility trainings
  • Trainings in self-development methods (MBTI, Insights, DISC …)
  • Co-active coach (certification obtained with CTI)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach – Certification – ongoing)


  • Interim Management on HR topics and strategic projects management
  • Support to senior management teams, project teams or operational teams
  • Technical trainings and soft skills development
  • Corporate team coaching
Turaco Internationnal

I am mobile

and open to international assignments

I can speak FR – EN – GER

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